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標題: Heard you fire home beat [打印本頁]

作者: les8996x273    時間: 2013-5-7 22:51     標題: Heard you fire home beat

"Boy! Heard you fire home beat?" Esterel looked Lei Yi was lying on the chair asked. "Luanjiang, he strongly urged!" Lei Yi replied in all seriousness,. "? How I also heard that you people burned pants gone?" Esterel continue to ask. "This is slander! But Ray Department magician, how I burned his pants? His own playing with fire are not careful ..." Lei Yi countered a. "Get out! Do you think I do not know is not it? Afternoon full anger the Longcheng are already spread magic Association representative Swordsman Association representatives beat! But also let people stand on the street bare ass!" AstaTech cried Dole Nusheng. "Oh? Messages pass so fast? Thought to have a few days before someone knows blanket ..." Lei Yi Shen Xiao said. "You have the nerve to say that? Your trouble! Let the two Association also how to get along?" Esterel said some good gas,discount fendi sunglasses. "Old man, your words may wrong, the Magic Association has always seemed with the swordsman Association on not tune it?, This relationship is even more rotten from a old folk Huoyun the things occur after the case, then I Why can not hit him? "Lei Yi strange face asked back. Esterel hear Lei Yi explained, can not help but frowned, and after a while after the opening,discount oakley sunglasses, said: "You say it is in ... but your kid beat to beat, you burn people doing pants? "natural reason a Xiaoye I see him tired ... second ... I eat a lot of want to exercise ..." What do you mean? "Lei Yi answered Aethra Patel can not help but feel more puzzled. "You know that I eat many things ... I wondered if I could not eat anyway, simply find something did that guy just jumped out, and said nothing to fire home to redeem his reputation said solemnly, in fact, Xiaoye ass want to know him by An Deya kid instigated. "" you people burning pants is how is it? "Esterel listening to the explanation of the Lei Yi again asked. "That kid and I fight, and fight like a man. Since he then would like to express that he is a man, that I would help him demonstrate the next chant ..." Lei Yi said, laughing. "But you is how to burn his pants na?" Esterel said curious. "In fact, I really do not blame me when he mad ... I just sent him a power grid that know his own vindictive runaway ..." look innocent Lei Yi replied. "Uh ... your kid is the reason more! Forget it, do not study this, let's go!" The Esterel some frustration, said,Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. "Where? Saying that you find someone to call me to come do ah?" Lei Yi looked Esterel is ready to go out, ask a little strange. "Tomorrow we are going to start, The Ona Great inform Association tonight getting ready to show, regarded teams off." What is the program? Strip or steel pipe? "Lei Yi wretched smiles. "Get out! Listen unlike the good things what programs you will know! Let's go!" Esterel finished after first walking out, Lei Yi, a look at the back, a shrug of the shoulders from his chair up leisurely the Esterel behind. Magic Association, Lei Yi looked Esterel turned out to be walked to the rear of the Magic Association, and wondered and asked: "old man, go ah?"

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